Outdoor Movies

In addition to DJ services, Joey V. also offers outdoor movie packages for private and public events. The size of the screen is measured diagonally as you would measure a TV. Choose the size of the screen that best fits your needs. 

12-Foot Screen

The small 12-foot screen is the perfect size for movie parties, watching TV sports or playing video games. This freestanding aluminum screen does not use a blower, so there's no background noise. The "12-footer" is ideal for parties up to 75 people and works well on patios, by pools or areas where space is limited. It's also great for multimedia presentations!

15-Foot Screen

The medium 15-foot screen is the most versatile screen Joey V offers. It is large enough to handle 250 viewers, yet small enough to fit in most backyards. This screen can be set up inside or outside and uses rear projection, where all A-V equipment is located behind the screen. The "15-footer" is best for elementary schools, community associations, social organizations and large family gatherings.

18-Foot Screen

The large 18-foot screen can easily accommodate an audience of 400 people. Like the 15-footer, this screen is freestanding, can be set up indoors or outdoors and utilizes rear-projection, which creates more space up front for viewers. The "18-footer" is recommended for larger schools, municipalities, summer camps and recreation departments.

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