Over Entertainment Companies:
  • Joey V can provide the same, if not better quality service for much less due to lower operating costs.

  • Because many companies have trouble retaining their employees, there’s no guarantee that the DJ you requested will be the one performing at your event.

  • Companies tend to overbook dates and always give priority to higher-paying gigs. Therefore, your party may be subcontracted to a random entertainer.

  • You deal directly with Joey V from start to finish and avoid the "middle man" which enables you to develop a true business relationship.

Over solo DJ's:
  • Most DJ’s are not true business owners. They are unlicensed, uninsured and do not pay taxes. Would you drive a vehicle that has no registration or insurance? When you deal with Joey V, you have piece of mind knowing that you are dealing with a legitimate business owner.

  • Joey V has all professional equipment while others use consumer-grade electronics.

  • Beware of DJ’s who quote you unbelievably low prices. They are usually inexperienced amateurs posing as professionals. It is foolish to pay too much, but it is often worse to pay too little.

Over Bands:
  • Even if a band has 200 songs in its repertoire, it’s still less than 1% of the music that Joey V has to offer.

  • DJ equipment requires less space and time to set up than a band. This can cause problems if space is limited or if a room needs to quickly “flipped” for another event.

  • A myth especially with bars & nightclubs is that bands draw more patrons than a DJ. Even if you book an elite band, there is no way to guarantee a successful patron turnout and make a profit for your establishment. A high cover charge can be a deterrent. Therefore, hiring DJ Joey V™ is much more cost effective.

  • Many facilities are not equipped to handle the electrical requirements and loud volume of a band. Joey V only needs one 15 or 20 amp circuit and can easily adjust the music volume to an appropriate level to please your guests.

  • Without the right instruments, musical ability or vocals, listening to a band attempt to perform certain songs will quickly draw complaints and destroy a party atmosphere. DJ Joey V™ has no musical limitations.

  • The purchaser is usually required to “comp” the entertainment with food and drinks. It is obviously less expensive to feed DJ Joey V™ than multiple band members.

  • Bands require a 100% commitment from all of its members. Internal conflicts and personnel changes are common with bands and will affect future performance obligations. These issues do not exist with DJ Joey V™.

  • DJ Joey V™ offers multiple setup configurations and options such as fog, bubbles, lighting, projectors, screens and giveaways. Most bands do not.

  • Because bands need to take frequent breaks, you only receive live music for about 2/3 of the night. Joey V plays from start to finish without taking breaks.